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New five finger death punch top with lower corset back.
I also have the lower corset back with the girls girls girls
and ozzy and more to come!

If you plan on paying with a money order or cash please mail to:
Mailing Information :

P.O. Box 310025
Guatay, Ca 91931

I am MORE than happy to except Exchanges ONLY....***NO REFUNDS***

~Catching Up~
October 31, 2019....just giving you all a heads up incase you need your tops to get out right away. I wont be in town Nov 2 so i wont be doing anymore orders after Noon tomorrow Nov1st and i will return on nov 9 and will begin working on orders on nov 10th. I wish you all a happy halloween and just to let you know, i appreciate all the love and support you all give to me and continue 🤘🏼 💗 🤘🏼i love you all!! thank you and huge love to all

June 13, 2019 Hi! Wanna let everyone know i just added a new Motorcycle tube top to the list along with some crue, gnr, slipknot and motorhead ...if you dont want sleeves you can leave me a note to not add them or if you would rather have a plain trim : )
Im also going to be having a clearance category in the next few days. I am also excited to say that im going to be adding some Unisex Jean jackets that will be coming in the next few days. These are Guys Jackets so they run big but that's what it's all about...these look good oversized! Im keeping it Rock N' Roll with some Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones and possibly a Motorcycle HD to start and if you have a preference for a different print let me know and i'll be more than happy to make that for you ;) Have a great day and many thanks to everyone who continues to support Gypsyrags..i love you all <3 <3

May 21, 2019 .....Just dropping in to say hello and that i've listed a bunch of new items...ive got new mini dresses up with sweetheart bust lines that flatter! what i love about my minis is they go great with a pair of converse that keep them comfy and fun when your at a show and have to be on your feet all day! : ) I've also listed some new tube tops with attatched fishnet sleeves/ lace sleeves as for regular tube tops with no sleeves. I've also have listed new sweetheart tops and sweethearts with corset lace-up backs. All my shirts begin using an XL Mens shirt designed to fit a womans figure so we dont have to wear them big unflattering tshirts : ) You get to choose your size. all shirts are 100% cotton t's with regular tshirt stretch. My own fabric i incorporate into the garment is either rayon/cotton with beautiful stretch and floral lace with stretch. I always use stretchy fabrics for a nice fit.
March 14, 2019 New items being design with a lower lace up off shoulder top. I'll be listing them up all this week into next week. Im even creating new tops and gonna be removing older designs to clean up the inventory. I am thinking about listing lots of One of a kinds on
Contact information if you have any questions : GYPSYRAGSCLOTHING@GMAIL.COM

Exchanges ONLY....NO REFUNDS
ailing Information:
P.O. Box 310025
Guatay, Ca 91931