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Nov 1, 2017....I will be on vacation till Nov 8th and wont be able to ship anything till then. As soon as i return items will be shipped immediately. have a wonderful day. Fran
August 18 2017.....Just listed many new items and i'll continue to list more in the upcoming week. thanks to everyone who continues to shop Gypsyrags....It's very appreciated from the bottom of my heart....I send out huge love and hugs to you all <3

May 9 2017....due to united states shipping rates going up once again i've had to raise prices on shipping for out of the country..for inside the united states it will remain the same.

March 23 2017 .....I'm offering free shipping at my website for the next few months.

January 24 2017....Happy New Year to everyone! thank you to everyone who keeps Gypsyrags going... i want you to know i appreciate your business so very much. We've got Iron Maiden on tour and I'm gonna be adding a few rare iron maiden tops i have. We also have guns n roses touring again so be sure to get your shirts ahead so you have them in time for the show. I've recently added a bunch of new shirts to my clothing line and I'm working on some beautiful dresses with an edgy look and I've been working on a jewelry line to add to the wardrobe that I'm very excited about and i hope to be listing them up soon along with spiritual mojo bags and a line of celtic clothing for the goddess in each of your gypsy souls.

6-25-16 due to the guns n roses tour there has been a huge demand in tops and I've ben swamped in orders, so if for any reason you need it shipped out for a show please let me know so i can make it a priority to ship asap!

6-24-16- Thanks for the continued purchases from such loyal buyers/friends......i don't always get a chance to personally thank you but i try to leave a message every now and then to let you know how much i appreciate you. And for the rude buyers which i rarely get but every once in awhile we get some very rude people that think just because they're behind a computer and in order to get service or get their way, you need to be rude and try to sound like they're superior and bitchy which i find a total turn off when people show their true colors of how ugly they're inside...try to be more kind..your ugliness just shows what an idiot you really are. I happen to be a very nice person and I'm always willing to deal with people in a very kind, civilized and proper way so theres no reason to show your ugly side. this goes for both of my selling sites as for my website.


We ship anywhere in out of the country!
Shipping in the USA $5.00
Shipping anywhere out of the united states 21.95
Everything is custom made so your patience is very much appreciated. .

I offer exchanges only.



Harley Davidson tops